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    Residential students may also register friends to visit in the residential area for an overnight stay (including a commuter student). Students who would like to register an overnight guest must have consent from their roommate(s) and fill out the overnight guest registration form (located on the Office of Residence Life webpage) 72 hours in advance of the visit. All overnight guests must submit their vaccination with the overnight guest registration form which will be located on the Residence Life website. Residential guests will not be permitted without proof of vaccination and will be sent off campus without it.

    A host is any Merrimack College student with whom a guest is associated, whether that guest is registered or not. The following policies apply to hosting a guest:

    • Guests must be with their host at all times

    • All overnight guests must be at least 18 years of age unless prior approval has been obtained from the Office of Residence Life

    • Guests must possess valid photo identification and a valid guest pass issued by the Office of Residence Life

    • Overnight guests may not be hosted by a resident student more than four days in a month, and guests cannot stay overnight on campus for a total of more than four days in a month, regardless of host

    • Guests are subject to all Merrimack College policies, Community Standards, and Residence Life policies

    • Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests and may be held accountable for any policy violations

    • Guests who are not accompanied by a host or who do not adhere to Merrimack College policies, Community Standards, and Residence Life policies may be asked to leave immediately and/or may be removed and trespassed from campus

    • Students are not permitted to host more than two guests at the same time with the exception of weekends designated by the College, during which the number may be restricted further

    • Guests are not permitted during break periods, reading days, or final examination periods

    • Students who do not register a guest are still responsible for their guest while on College property.

    Homecoming Weekend (September 30- October 2) Guest Parking Information

    There are a limited number of guest parking spaces available for registered overnight guests at the Andover Landing Garage for Thursday, September 30 - Saturday, October 2. Resident students should register their guests who will have a car with them as soon as possible to ensure they will be able to park. Overnight guests who have been approved to bring a car to campus must pick up an overnight parking pass at the gate upon arrival. Hosts of visitors must accompany their guests to Andover Landing to drop off their cars. There will be no on campus parking available for overnight guests from Thursday, September 30 - Saturday, October 2. 

    If you have any questions please contact

    More Information

    For more information on Merrimack College’s overnight guest policy, please consult the Student Handbook

    Please select the date of arrival when registering your guest.


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